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Experience Dorcus' Hope For Girls Foundation

Hope Is Where the Heart Is

  • Our operations are based in Washington in the United States and we partner with people in a network in Uganda to put our funds and resources to work by supporting young orphan girls to go to school and buy school supplies.

  • Our goal is to provide education, independent, and safe environment for the girls. Thank you so much for your donation.

  • Every donation is directed 100% toward our ministry, and all associated administrative costs are funded by our own time, effort and resources.

  • Dorcus’ Hope for Girls Foundation is a US-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. EIN # 84-3958015. All donations to Dorcus’ Hope for Girls Foundation are tax-deductible, and you will receive an official tax acknowledgment. The official financial information for Dee’s Hope may be obtained by writing P.O. Box 1325, Monroe, WA 98272 or by emailing us at

  • We opened up a bank account at Wells Fargo. When someone donates money at our PayPal, we transfer it to Wells Fargo until the school in Uganda starts and we send the needed amount of money at that time to the bank account we set up in Uganda to ensure local currency. The Program Manager and Grant coordinator in Uganda can pick it up from the bank and directs it to fund school fees, projects, and specific donation requests.

  • We participate in the school in the village where the child lives. We have someone who works with us in Uganda. She goes to each school where the kids are attending, and she finds out how much money that child or children need to pay that team. For every child Dorcus' Hope can support, she tells us that amount we need to send, and we send her the money for her to pay for school fees. If there is extra money, then we can add a new child from the waiting list.

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