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Dorcus' Hope for Girls Foundation (Dee’s Hope) is a nonprofit organization helping orphaned girls and girls in need in Uganda to have a better life by giving them education, food and shelter. In 2014, we started helping one girl, two years later we helped another girl, and now we have seven girls we support. Once the girls finish high school, our goal is to support them through technical school. In 2021, Dee's Hope will be honored to help the first girl go to technical school. Our vision is to create an option for the girls in Uganda to go beyond their current life and become successful.


Dorcus Noble


Hello, my name is Dorcus.  I was born and raised in Uganda.  How I got here, all I can say is that it was God’s grace to be one of the lucky ones to get a visa in 2006 to come to America.  When I take a moment and look back, sometimes I feel like I am dreaming because I came from nothing. A lot of people helped me get where I am now, and I am very thankful for each and every one.  I was adopted by a family in the US, and four years later I married a very wonderful, Godly man. After three years of marriage, God blessed us with a wonderful son. Watching my son’s childhood be so different from mine has given me purpose.


I had a very tough childhood and I know how it feels when you don’t have anyone to care for you.  I had one dress, and I couldn’t wait for Christmas time to get another dress from someone. I couldn’t stop worrying that the next day the people I lived with were going to tell me to leave.  The thing I hated the most was to see other kids going to school, and I had to stay home. It is hard once you get to the teenage years and you don’t have any support, and that’s when men start to take advantage of the girls because they don’t have someone to tell them right from wrong.


This is why I decided to support the children in the valleys where I grew up who don’t have hope for tomorrow.  They deserve to find a warm and safe environment to open up opportunities to have a better childhood.  My mission is to help young children, but mostly, my focus will be on girls. They need to go to school and finish high school. That way, they can learn basic knowledge.  They need to have a place where they can feel safe and welcome, but, above all, I want them to know God so that they can find their purpose in their life.

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